2019 Oyster South Symposium

Hello everyone! Tyler Chadwick with Carolina Gold Oyster Company here. On February 22nd-24th I attended the 2019 Oyster South Symposium. I learned a lot from this symposium and I thought I would share some of the information I learned with you. So what is Oyster South?

Oyster farming and the culture that accompanies it is the heartbeat of Oyster South. There mission is to cultivate a South that encourages and includes successful farms, healthy waters and the birth of new traditions.

Education is the cornerstone of Oyster South’s ability to achieve this mission. We must educate each other, our partners, and the general public on the significance of regional oyster farms. In addition, Oyster South is a celebration of Southern oysters and an opportunity to raise funds so that we can improve access to training and grants.

Over the next few weeks I will pick a topic and blog about it. This will include info about impact of climate change, shellfish growers climate coalition, good farming practice, off-bottom oyster aquaculture and much more!