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Thinking about ordering shellfish online? This is much different than running to your local seafood market to pickup your fresh shellfish. With today’s technology, we can ship fresh shellfish right to your front door! You may ask yourself- how can you ship fresh shellfish? How do you know it is safe to consume once recieved and stays fresh? Carolina Gold Oyster Company worked on perfecting shipping methods for over a year. When you order shellfish online from Carolina Gold Oyster Company, we assure your shellfish will arrive safely and very fresh! 

Let us share with you on what we do to ensure the safety and freshness of your order. 


Carolina Gold Oyster Company’s Shipping Process

First, we receive your order from our online store. Once we receive and review your order, we will send you an email asking when you would like your order(s) to be delivered. We do not harvest your shellfish until we receive your order. This ensures that your shellfish will be fresh!

Once your order is confirmed, we start the harvesting process. We harvest your shellfish and if you order Marshallberg Farm caviar, we run down to the farm and pick it up! Did you know that Carolina Gold Oyster Company and Marshallberg Farm are only a few miles apart- “as the crow flies”? This is more assurance that your order is fresh! Once we have gathered your order it’s time to pack it!

 We go above and beyond to make sure your safety is priority and that your product is delivered safely. All of our orders are shipped in styrofoam coolers. Each cooler is packed with an appropriate amount of cold packs and a TTI (Time Temperature Indicator). A TTI is very important when it comes to shipping fresh shellfish. What is a TTI? The TTI constantly monitors the temperature of your order throughout it’s travels. Shellfish need to stay cold while they are in transit to make sure the safety and quality of the product keeps. We use an east green light, yellow light and red light system. If you see a green or yellow dot, your shellfish stayed at a safe temperature throughout shipment. If you see a red dot that means STOP! Your oysters got to hot! Please contact us immediately if this occurs.

Your order is packed and ready to go! We schedule a pickup with our partners at FedEx. All of our orders ship Monday through Thursday via FedEx overnight service. Your order leaves our location at 4pm and will be delivered to your door the next day. We include instructions in all of our shipments. Please review the instructions carefully. The last step- enjoy your Carolina Gold Oysters!

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