Carolina Gold® Oyster Party Packs


This includes your choice of 24, 36, 60 or 100 Carolina Gold Oysters plus Osetra caviar and Smoked Sturgeon from Marshallberg Farm. This is a party pack made in North Carolina heaven. Includes FREE shipping!

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Try Carolina Gold Oysters paired with Marshallberg Farm Osetra Caviar and Hot-Smoked Sturgeon!

Our Carolina Gold oyster is 2 inch to 3 inches long, with a beautiful deep-cupped shell! This is a result of our floating bag farming technique. These gold delicacies are packed with meat! We grow our oysters in a high salinity area, which gives them a salty taste with a twist of sweet! Taste the true gold of Eastern North Carolina with these oysters.

Flavor Profile: Refreshing, salty, and sweet.

Size- 2 to 3 inches

Storing your shellfish:
1. When you receive your fresh oysters, remove them from the shipping package.
2. Place them in an open container (like a bowl or deep cooking pan).
3. Cover your oysters with a damp towel or layers of damp newspaper.
4. Place your oysters in the refrigerator.
5. Oysters will keep this way for 5-7 days.

Osetra Caviar from Marshallberg Farm
Located just a “crow’s fly” from Carolina Gold Oysters, Marshallberg Farm raises Russian sturgeon to produce sustainable, fresh Osetra caviar and sturgeon meat. Osetra caviar is known for it’s nutty, buttery flavor and dark amber colored roe. Osetra is considered one of best caviars in the world, shadowed only by Beluga. Excellent served with oysters on the half shell.

Flavor Profile: Nutty & buttery with a hint of the sea.

Storing Your Caviar:
Keep refrigerated, consume with 24 hours of opening. Shelf life is 30 days unopened.
For more information on Marshallberg Farm Osetra caviar, visit

Hot-Smoked Sturgeon from Marshallberg Farm
Native to the Caspian Sea, Russian sturgeon are now critically endangered. Marshallberg Farm raises these fish in clean, sustainable systems for quality, freshness and bold flavor.

Flavor Profile: Savory, salty, comparable to smoked turkey.

Storing Your Smoked Sturgeon:
Keep frozen indefinitely, or consume within one month after vacuum is broken.

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The Gold Pack: 24 Count Oysters + 30g Osetra Caviar + 4oz Smoked Sturgeon, The Pot of Gold: 36 Count Oysters + 30g Osetra Caviar + 4oz Smoked Sturgeon, The Gold Rush: 50 Count Oysters + 30g Osetra Caviar + 4oz Smoked Sturgeon, The Gold Rush XL: 100 Carolina old Oysters + 125g Osetra Caviar + 12ozSmoked Sturgeon

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