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Your choice of 36, 50, 100 or 200 Carolina Gold Oysters – perfect for slurping on the half shell. FREE shipping!
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When it comes to ordering oysters online we have you covered! Our Carolina Gold oyster is 2 inch to 3 inches long, with a beautiful deep-cupped shell! This is a result of our floating bag farming technique. These gold delicacies are packed with meat! We grow our oysters in a high salinity area, which gives them a salty taste with a twist of sweet! Taste the true gold of Eastern North Carolina with these oysters.

Your choice of 36, 50, 100 0r 200 oysters – perfect for slurping on the half

Flavor Profile: Refreshing, salty, and sweet.

Size- 2 to 3 inches

Storing your shellfish:
1. When you receive your fresh oysters, remove them from the shipping package.
2. Place them in an open container (like a bowl or deep cooking pan).
3. Cover your oysters with a damp towel or layers of damp newspaper.
4. Place your oysters in the refrigerator.
5. Oysters will keep this way for 5-7 days.

How we grow our oysters!

Carolina Gold Oysters are grown in the wild, just like any other wild oyster! Oysters feed off the natural plankton and algae organisms that already grow in the water. Carolina Gold Oysters grow in a floating bag system. This system has floating mesh bags that hold the oysters just below the surface in the water column. To have a general idea, the water column is measured from the bottom surface of the body of water to the top surface of the body of water. This area of the water column is proven to be the highest quality of food provided by Mother Nature. Because Carolina Gold Oysters are growing in the water column, they never touch the mud, which is preventative of being gritty and muddy when harvested.

A Carolina Gold Oyster, a 10 to 12-millimeter seedling to a full 3-inch oyster, takes between 6-9 months (fastest growing) and 10-18 months (slowest growing). An oyster that grows in the mud takes about 3 years to grow full size.

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36 Count, 50 Count, 100 Count, 200 Count

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Shipping can be a little tricky when it comes to seafood. These are our guidelines to make it the easiest and safest way to ship your orders. 

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  • When shipment is out for delivery, PLEASE be sure someone is home to receive and remove oysters from box and into refrigeration. Do not leave your shipment out on your doorstep!
  • Please follow the temperature indicator instructions to verify your order remained at a safe temperature.

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