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This oyster knife makes shucking oysters a pleasure. The long thin blade makes it easier to open a Carolina Gold oyster!

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Have you been looking for a perfect oyster knife? Look no further than the Dexter Russell knife. This knife is used by professional oyster shuckers across the world. We consider this to be the perfect oyster knife to open our classic Carolina Gold oysters.

This particular boston-style knife features a long, narrow 3″ blade made of high-carbon DEXSTEEL stainless steel and a non-slip handle contoured for comfortable use.  Because it’s from Dexter-Russell, you can be rest assured that it’s designed for efficiency and built to last.

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Addition Information

Long, Narrow Blade

This knife’s long, narrow blade makes it extremely versatile and effective at opening any type of oyster. When you’re ready to shuck, simply lay the oyster flat in your hand and hold it in place. Insert the tip of the knife into the oyster’s hinge, run the blade along the top of the shell, and pry it open.

High-Quality Steel

Made from high-carbon DEXSTEEL stainless steel, this durable knife is designed to meet the demands of today’s professional kitchens. Furthermore, each blade is individually precision ground to a moderately sharp edge to ensure it stands up to tough oyster shells.

Comfortable, Textured Handle

Not only is the textured handle non-slip and comfortable to hold, it’s Sani-Safe sealed to the blade to eliminate hiding places for bacteria. It is also able to withstand temperatures of up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Offering superior strength and function, this oyster knife is sure to become an essential tool at any seafood venue.

Dexter Russell Specs

Length- 7 inches 

Blade Length- 3 inches 

Handle Length- 4 inches 

Blade Material-High Carbon Stainless Steel

Blade Type-Boston

Features-Non-Slip Handles

Handle Color-White

Handle Material-Polypropylene

Made in America- Yes 

NSF Listed- Yes 

Type- Oyster Knife 

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