Hello oyster lovers! We are excited to give everyone an update on the oyster lease. We have picked up our oyster bags to grow all our oysters in. However we have had to change up our oyster gear a little.

We have switched from Zapco oyster bags to a standard floating oyster bag. Not much difference in the bag other than the float. On the Zapco bags, the floats are on the top of the bag and the standard floating bags have the floats on the side of the bag.

After much hard work, we have gotten our first batch of oyster seeds. The picture below are the first ever Carolina Gold oysters! How exciting is that? Now we just have to wait for the oysters to grow a little more then they will be put on the lease for final grow out.

We have also placed our first bag line on the lease. The bag line is the line that will hold all of our oyster bags. Each line will hold approximately 75 oyster bags.

We have a lot happening on our lease! Keep an eye on our blog to stay updated.

Oyster Seed
Installing our first bag line!