Looking to buy oysters online?

Now that you have ordered your oysters online, what do you do once you get them? When you order oysters from us , you can be rest assured that the product condition and safety are top priorities for us. In each order, you will receive instructions on what to look for! It is very important that you follow the instructions to be sure your oysters did not get too warm during shipment. 

Time Temperature Indicator

What is a Time Temperature Indicator (TTI)? A TTI measures the time and temperature of your oysters throughout its travels! Why is it so important to know the temperature throughout shipment? Its very critical for oysters to stay below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This ensures the quality and safety of your oysters. In each of our orders, a TTI will be stuck to one of the side walls of the styrofoam cooler. Now to locate the instructions!


When you open your shipment, the first thing you should see are the instructions. The instructions will explain how to read the TTI. It’s an easy green, yellow and red induction method. If your TTI shows the colors green or yellow everything is good! Take oysters out of the packaging and place in refrigerator. If the TTI shows color red please stop, take a picture, and call Carolina Gold Oyster Company ASAP.

How to store your shellfish

You have opened your order and have located the TTI. The TTI shows a green/yellow color, so what now? Remove oysters from the shipping package, place them in an open container (like a bowl or deep cooking pan), cover your oysters with a damp towel or layers of damp newspaper, and place them in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf. The oysters will last 5-7 days stored like this. Once your ready to eat your oysters, pull them out and prepare as desired!

Don’t worry we can help you! Order oysters online right now from us. Enjoy the true gold of eastern North Carolina.

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